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PRESS RELEASE - picturemaxx with New Sales Team for Austria

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Matthias Flödl and Gunther Pany | FloedlPanyMedia
Photo: Marek Knopp

Press Release

Munich, October 13, 2021

New Sales Partnership for Austria

picturemaxx with New Sales Team for Austria

Matthias Flödl and Gunther Pany will be in charge of picturemaxx sales in Austria. Pre-sales, sales and continuous customer management shall lie in the hands of the exclusive sales partners.

picturemaxx, the largest network of professional providers and users of digital picture media in the world, has handed over the sale of products in the Austrian market to both Matthias Flödl and Gunther Pany. The product portfolio includes picturemaxx solutions for picture agencies and publishing houses, companies, institutions, NGOs and advertising and PR agencies.

“We are pleased to have won two experienced media and sales specialists for our Team Austria. They have contacts in the Austrian media landscape and know how valuable media content is for all companies today. Those are exceptional credentials for successfully selling our product portfolio,” says Gerhard Feigl, CEO of picturemaxx AG.

“Content is the magic word in advertising, marketing, PR, even journalism. We are two people with real-life experience and know the effort involved in managing picture data and other content – whether produced by yourself or purchased. picturemaxx makes the inability to find a picture or possibly buying one twice a thing of the past. Or you find one and do not know whether you have the rights to it. All time-consuming and costly problems that you can easily solve with picturemaxx,” says Matthias Flödl.

Gunther Pany adds: “Over the next few months, we will set about explaining the strengths of picturemaxx products to all content producers and users. And there is a customized product for everyone – from a small agency to a large company or publishing house.”

Matthias Flödl designs and produces customer and employee magazines for companies. Before he became self-employed with his corporate communications agency, he gained experience as an editor, managing editor and later as editor-in-chief at large journals and in the area of customer magazines.

Gunther Pany from Lower Austria is an experienced expert in sales, marketing and advising. He gained his qualifications in sales at Horizont Austria and as Sales Manager at a large Vienna publishing house. Since 2011, he has been self-employed with, an agency for communication advising.

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Press Contact

Britta Milde, Head of Marketing Tel: +49 89 357 1470

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