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PRESS RELEASE – Christian Sarow appointed Senior Vice President IT at picturemaxx AG

Picture of Christian Sarow, Senior Vice President IT of picturemaxx AG
Christian Sarow, Senior Vice President IT of picturemaxx AG since November. Photo: Theresa Meyer

Press Release

Munich, November 19, 2022

Christian Sarow appointed Senior Vice President IT at picturemaxx AG

picturemaxx AG, a leading software and technology company based in Munich, is adding the position of Senior Vice President IT to its management team. Software expert Christian Sarow (47) has been recruited for the position. He has already started work and from now on will orchestrate all technically relevant departments of the company.

Mr. Sarow’s background is as a company founder and innovator in the area of software development. He has been involved in setting up several companies and brands and has also spent many years working as an IT manager in various companies and industries, for example at Gruner + Jahr, C-Date, 21Diamonds and Sulzer GmbH. His expertise relates primarily to the areas of future technologies and digital sales platforms.

About his new role at picturemaxx Christian Sarow says: “I look forward to working with the CEO and all the employees to provide innovative solutions to meet the current and future needs and requirements of our customers.” He adds: “Going forward I would like to further combine picturemaxx’s many years of experience and expertise with promising technologies and open up new product areas. I see great potential in current hot topics like smart automation and others.”

The Senior Vice President will support the CEO of the joint stock company, Thomas Mäling, in all matters related to IT. He had this to say about the appointment:

“I’m delighted that Christian Sarow is joining us in this key technical leadership role, as an excellent addition to our management team. He will sharpen the company’s technological orientation and provide the right impetus for our future development.” Thomas Mäling took up his position as the company’s sole executive board member in August of this year.

Further information:

Press Contact

Britta Milde, Head of Marketing Tel: +49 89 357 1470

About picturemaxx

picturemaxx AG is a market-leading software and technology company with decades of experience in the development and licensing of media asset management solutions and digital sales platforms.

Innovative systems and services open up access to the world’s largest professional media network and enable digital content to be more efficiently organized, offered and used in a legally compliant manner.

Our customers include leading national and international companies, among them well-known media companies, picture agencies and institutions and associations. In the “kress pro” ranking of digital applications we hold first place in the category “Automation/AI tools”.

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