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picturemaxx Agency

picturemaxx Agency is the all-in-one business solution for image agencies and archives with all the functions for successful marketing of images and videos and independent market access.

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Media Archive & Quick Search


picturemaxx Agency is the “hub” in your image agency where all data and processes converge.

In the extremely stable database, all media files, customer data and other data are stored and managed on a long-term basis. A practically unlimited amount of media data can be stored in a structured way and retrieved very quickly thanks to the powerful search technology.


Animation picturemaxx Agency Websites

An attractive website and an intuitive webshop are among the most important building blocks of an image agency.


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Images, videos and other files come into picturemaxx Agency’s media processing system and can undergo further processing there either automatically or manually.

Automate Your Business


With picturemaxx Agency, you can simplify your workflow and make your processes more efficient. All areas are coordinated with each other so that you avoid duplicate data storage.

All functions for professional media management have been thought of: production, marketing, billing and distribution of images, videos and more.

Bild von Alice Rauch Wendlinger Visual Experts - Interfoto

Alice Rauch-Wendlinger, Owner of Visual Experts | Interfoto
"We have relied on picturemaxx Agency for many years in order to save time and work extremely effectively....."


Webshop, FTP

Deliver your media impressively, quickly and efficiently through the sales channels you want.

By connecting directly to the my-picturemaxx professional search tool, picturemaxx Agency paves the way for editorial offices and companies to access your images.

You can also use the integrated webshop as a platform for your images. Present your company individually and in your corporate design on the basis of configurable templates.

For special purposes, send files directly to your target audience via FTP or as a lightbox.


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Set up contracts with your photographers and partner agencies via picturemaxx Agency and save time with automatic billing.


Connection to my-picturemaxx


picturemaxx Agency includes the Mediaport interface for participation in the picturemaxx Media Network. This enables you to offer your images and videos in my-picturemaxx, even if you already have a third-party database. Web-based access to administration, statistics and marketing tools.

Several hundred image agencies, content portals and archives offer their portfolios via my-picturemaxx. Terms of use and fees are negotiated directly between the photo agency and the media professionals.

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picturemaxx Kunden


Leading Image Agencies

“Via the my-picturemaxx platform, we reach almost all relevant editorial offices in German-speaking countries ...“

Martin Skultety, Managing Director, IMAGE PROFESSIONALS GmbH


Connection of Agency Partners

The data systems of partner agencies can be optionally connected via picturemaxx Agency as an option. This is a very convenient way for you to offer material from partners via your marketing channels or, conversely, make your material available to others by digital means.

For companies that also want to exchange further data from picturemaxx Agency with other systems, picturemaxx provides a REST API.

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Everything for a Successful Agency Business

the special sales channel
Icon für my-picturemaxx als Vertriebskanal

Through the picturemaxx Media Network, you can reach publishers, editorial offices and companies where the my-picturemaxx media search engine is used for daily media searches.

Focus on
Icon Fokus Verkauf

A wide range of options for presenting and distributing your media are available for the individual channels. Statistics inform you about downloads and search behavior. Complete accounting is also possible.

Website- and content-management
Icon für Website- und Content-Management

Images and other media files that enter your archive can be offered on your integrated website and through other channels. Third-party material is easy to integrate via dynamic interfaces.

Manual, pre-filled
or automatic
Icon Einfache Medienbearbeitung

The “Media Editing” area is where media are uploaded, metadata are imported, keywording is handled, batch processing, recurring action sequences and simple image editing functions take place.

Full control over your
media data
Icon für Volle Kontrolle ueber Mediendaten

You control access to your images down to the smallest detail via role and rights-based access management. With just a few clicks, you can define individual or group permissions and exceptions.

Well positioned
for the future
Icon Gut aufgestellt fuer die Zukunft

The scope of picturemaxx Agency can grow with your business. Your work is completely web-based, with no software installation – in the office, at home or on the road. Your data is stored securely in the picturemaxx Cloud.


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