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Moodbild Loesungen fuer Bildagenturen, Archive und Content-Portale

Solutions for

Picture Agencies, Archives and
Content Portals

picturemaxx Agency
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Save Time and Effort Running Your Agency


When you run an agency, it is often difficult to reconcile all systems from image input and marketing to distribution and billing. Wouldn’t it be better to access all functions via one system and optimize work steps throughout?


As one of the leading solutions for image agencies, picturemaxx Agency provides you with all the functions for modern, web-based agency operations.


Comprehensive data and media database

Effective media management and editing functions

Web-based and budget-saving work in a team or individually

Integrated webshop and other marketing options

Billing options for all sales activities

Cost-effective and secure distribution options

All tasks can be coordinated with each other and automated

Consideration of data protection and secure server location in Germany

picturemaxx Agency Logo
Ansicht von verschiedenen Devices mit picturemaxx Agency Webshoploesung

Present Images Online


As an image agency, you want your website to impress and you want to be able to offer your pictures and videos via an intuitive webshop. Registrations and information about downloads should go directly into your media database.


picturemaxx Agency provides you with all the functions for your own website with an integrated store. You set up permissions for visitors and for your media in your database.​


Intuitive webshop with e-commerce functions

Easy-to-use website editor with ready-to-use templates, also multilingual

Website with your URL, your logo, your colors

Easy-to-create galleries, slideshows, reports - can also be automated

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Are You Looking for New Target Groups?

Through picturemaxx’s Media Network, you can reach hundreds of reputable media and publishing houses, who will find your images and download and use them according to your specifications.


Your portfolio will be connected directly to the my-picturemaxx media search engine for this purpose.

Your media will be found directly in the search software that hundreds of media professionals use for their searches

Via picturemaxx Agency, you link your portfolio and get access to statistics, rights and marketing tools.

Use the integrated services to provide special image collections

Access to administration, statistics and marketing tools

Einblick in die my-picturemaxx Software

“picturemaxx has been a solid and reliable partner of laif for years as far as the technical infrastructure of our database is concerned.“

Silke Frigge, Managing Director, laif Agency for Photos & Reportages GmbH



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