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my-picturemaxx on top of kress ranking of digital solutions

The specialized magazine "kress pro" looked for the best digital agencies and tools and put my-picturemaxx in first place in the automation/KI category.

Which digital service providers do online editorial teams work with?

What does the work of editorial teams look like when it comes to creating their digital offerings? Which tools make everyday life easier and which digital services do they work with?

That's what "kress pro" asked and started a survey on this topic. For the ranking, editors were asked which tools they work with to get the best out of their offerings.

Only current business relationships that were confirmed by at least one of the two sides were taken into account when compiling the ranking. An important aspect was that the respective tools are supportive in order to operate the respective online offer.

The ranking was based on the number of clients and the number of visits.

my-picturemaxx landed in 1st Place

my-picturemaxx, the professional search engine for publishing and advertising, was mentioned more frequently, which made it possible for us to take part in the comparison and landed in first place in the automation/KI category.

We are very pleased that we are an important part of the editorial process for our customers, making their daily work and the creation of online offers easier. Images are an essential part of an attractive online magazine and we are very proud to be able to support our customers in their research for the perfect image.

Digital tools generally on the rise

"kress pro" used the conducted survey to also gain important knowledge about the general work with various special tools. The trend is increasingly moving away from doing everything in-house and toward using and valuing the expertise of service providers.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the many recommendations and "kress pro" for conducting and evaluating this exciting survey.

The entire ranking and more detailed background information can be found in the current issue of kress kress pro 06/2022 .

Learn more about my-picturemaxx

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