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The my-picturemaxx search engine allows you to search simultaneously across
hundreds of press agencies, stock agencies and more for finding and purchasing visual content.

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Simultaneous Search of All Providers


my-picturemaxx makes you faster and more efficient in your search for visual content.

With just one query, you can search your favorite sources and access all the results under one roof. Simply compare, select, download and use.


Bild von Beate Blank

Beate Blank-Wengefeld, ADAC Verlag
"For us in the general picture editing department at ADAC Verlag, speed and range are what counts ...."

Ansicht der my-picturemaxx Imagesearch

Welcome to your new research cockpit! From here you can find images and videos on all topics and control your media selection professionally.

Video-Snipet my-picturemaxx Agenturuebersicht

You can run your search query in individual or selected places. Put together any provider groups you want.


Choosing from a Huge Variety


Benefit from the unique breadth and depth of what we offer, whether creative or editorial, RM, RF or subscription.

Simply enter your search terms or use the tools and filters for a sophisticated query. Here’s how to find the proverbial needle in a haystack.

A search history saves all your searches, including the selected criteria, so that you can access them again later.


Straightforward Downloads


my-picturemaxx enables fast download of the selected media directly from the search results, from a lightbox or via the shopping cart.

At the same time, you retain full freedom in your content partnerships. Fees and usage are determined directly between the media buyers and the image agencies. All the contact details are always accessible.

Store your usage notes in the download statistics.

Demovideo my-picturemaxx Verwendungshinweis

If you always store a usage note when downloading, you can easily assign projects or cost centers afterwards and create meaningful reports.


Illustrierende Animation von Arbeiten im Team oder einzeln

If you work with a lot of lightboxes, you will love the project folders in my-picturemaxx. This allows you to focus your lightbox view on the topics you currently need.

Work Individually or in a Team


my-picturemaxx is worthwhile both as an individual application and for larger workgroups. Research can be organized across teams. This allows you to share lightboxes, notes and rankings within the team.


Set up my-picturemaxx on multiple workstations. With your personal login, your data and settings are available to you either in the office, at home or on the move. my-picturemaxx is available for Windows and Mac.


You can set up different working environments in my-picturemaxx and easily switch between them. 

picturemaxx Kunden


Graphics, Marketing, Editorial, TV, Advertising ...

Moddbild Kundenstimme Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie

“... Of course, we also introduce the usual ‘tools of the trade’, such as the my-picturemaxx program. Knowledge of them is one of the requirements in many editorial departments...“

Nadja Masri, lecturer and freelance picture editor, Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie


From the Event Directly to You


Let the shots from events around the world and from regional events feed directly into my-picturemaxx. my Offers reflects public life in real time: topical media from news, politics, sports, entertainment and the red carpet.
Offers are galleries in my-picturemaxx which are compiled directly by the photo agencies for a topic. You benefit from pre-selection of the images and you can quickly find the best motif.

Visualisierung my-picturemaxx my Offers


picturemaxx at a Glance

pictuemaxx im Überblick
my-picturemaxx auf einen Blick
All-in-one media search
Illustration All-in-one Mediensuche

Simultaneous search across all sources: stock photo agencies, press photo agencies, archives and portals.

Individual sources
Illustrierende Animation Individuelle Quellen

Sort media providers as you like, organize them into groups, or create your very own provider pools.

Infinite variety of topics
Illustration Unendliche Themenvielfalt

All topics A-Z for editorial and creative uses. Pictures, videos, audios, texts and more.

Organizational tools
Illustration Organisations-Tool

Shopping cart, lightboxes and project folders for clear working with a large number of lightboxes.

Contact network
Illustration Kontaktnetzwerk

Your direct link to media providers, including contact details – available at the click of a mouse.

Everything to hand
Illustration Alles im Blick

Always at a glance: downloads, search history, metadata.


The Most Important Answers in Advance

For whom is my-picturemaxx the ideal solution?

What does an image from my-picturemaxx cost?

Is my-picturemaxx a picture agency or a portal?

Which topics does my-picturemaxx cover?

Can my-picturemaxx be used at home and in the office at the same time?

Do the participating image agencies make all their collections available via my-picturemaxx?



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