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More Attention for Your PR With picturemaxx PublicRelations

Increase your media presence and speed up your workflows with solutions from the market leader picturemaxx that have been tried and tested over decades.

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More Reach for Your PR Content

Optimize the distribution of your press content and the evaluation of your PR campaigns. picturemaxx PublicRelations helps you achieve your PR and marketing goals and simplifies teamwork.

As a solution for integrated media management, picturemaxx PublicRelations is aimed at your PR agency or PR department.

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The powerful solution for the optimal output for your campaign.

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Organize your marketing campaign’s media and PR content centrally in one place and access it on the web from anywhere.


All Your Media Available Digitally


We support you with your digital strategy. Structured media management with intelligent keywording of your content ensures that your media can be retrieved quickly. Folder structures help ensure that you can find and reuse your images and content with just one keyword, without extensive research.
Exploit the potential of your media and arouse emotions and enthusiasm in your customers.


Use your media portal to interact with partners and customers

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my-picturemaxx is the marketplace for pictures, videos and visual content. Use the Media Network to deliver your PR content to the relevant editorial teams.


Licensing With my-picturemaxx


Publish your media in my-picturemaxx too, the Media Network where hundreds of editorial offices and journalists do their research.
With the help of daily updates, you can offer your content as a package and send it out to editors.
Take advantage of this unique opportunity to expand your network, make new contacts and deepen existing relationships.

When downloading your material, editors can store usage notes for you in my-picturemaxx.


Reach Target Groups Easily Across the Board

We provide you with the framework to prepare your PR materials effectively and present them in different formats on your media portal. Your customers will easily find all your PR material via a search query on your website.

You determine who gets your content. Offer your PR material to the public or use the login area to address targeted individuals and media companies.


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Present promo videos, image films and advertising images together with your press releases and reach your target group quickly, easily and effectively.



Reach All the Major Media Companies in One Portal

In addition to editorial offices and journalists, the Media Network also includes well-known, successful media companies.


Work from Anywhere


With picturemaxx Public Relations, you can work with your visual content from anywhere. Whether in your home office, on a business trip or on site with customers.
The only requirement is an internet connection. The web-based solutions from picturemaxx ensure flexibility and freedom in your everyday work.


Set up temporary project access for partners for better collaboration

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picturemaxx PublicRelations at a Glance

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Presence and reach
Icon Praesenz und Reichweite

With your media portal and my-picturemaxx, you increase your reach to cover relevant print and online editorial offices.

Analysis options
Icon Analysemoeglichkeiten

Evaluate download statistics and search queries and provide your customers with feedback on the reach achieved by your PR campaign.

Keeping your content up-to-date
Icon Aktualitaet der Inhalte

You define who can see your content and for how long it is available, thus guaranteeing that your PR media is up-to-date.

Organizational tools
Icon Organisations-Tools

Media management with precise keywording and folder structures makes it easy to search for, find and process images, text, audio and video.

Contact network
Icon Kontakt-Netzwerk

Become part of the picturemaxx Media Network and make new contacts or strengthen existing connections.

Everything in view
Icon Alles im Blick

Your media portal can be publicly accessible or have a registration feature. You keep an eye on the entire process of image transfer.



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