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The roots of picturemaxx reach deep into the 1980s. 
We introduced the first ever online image search system in 1993. In 2003, we were among the first to offer software on a rental basis “as a service”. Keeping up our tradition of leading the way and finding the best solutions for the industry is our commitment for the future.


Who We Are
and What We Do

picturemaxx AG is a market-leading software and technology company with decades of experience in the development and licensing of media asset management solutions and digital sales platforms. Our innovative systems open up access to the world’s largest network of professional content portals and enable digital content to be organized, offered and used more efficiently in compliance with the relevant legislation.




Max Wieberneit



Christian Sarow


Bild von Regine Guckelsberger

Regine Guckelsberger

Head of Sales National



Head of Sales International

Bild von Christian Kerbetz

Christian Kerbetz

Head of Infrastructure

Bild von Britta Milde

Britta Milde

Head of Marketing

Bild von Lisa Schmidt

Lisa Schmidt

Head of Product Development & Innovation

Bild von Marcus Zelend

Marcus Zelend

Head of Research & Platform Engineering

Bild von Peter Baumann

Peter Baumann

Team Lead


Bild von Gisela Stummer

Gisela Stummer

Professional Services Manager


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Icon Gesellschaft


We act with integrity, fairness and transparency, in accordance with the law.

We do what we say. We regard commitments as obligations.

We react quickly and flexibly to new challenges, changes and requirements.

We respect all people and oppose discrimination of any kind.

We take action against xenophobia and discrimination of all kinds.

We advocate and support the mechanisms of a social market economy.

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Icon Nachhaltigkeit


We welcome all people, regardless of gender, age, origin, culture or religion. We put diversity into practice.

We facilitate equal rights and opportunities and see diversity as an enrichment for the company.

We recognize and promote individual potential and encourage all employees to develop their skills.

We act economically and responsibly in the interests of society and the environment.

We reduce any negative impact our activities may have on the environment.

We work digitally and the company is virtually paperless.



And This Is What Customers Say
About picturemaxx

Bild von Silke Frigge laif

Silke Frigge
Managing Director
laif Agency for Photos & Reports GmbH

“picturemaxx has been a solid and reliable partner of laif for years as far as the technical infrastructure of our database is concerned. This ensures the necessary visibility for our broad-based, high-quality image archive. Thanks to consistently effective support from picturemaxx, solutions have been found time and again to better tailor search results ...

Bild von Stefan Geiser bpk

Stefan Geiser

Information and Data Management

“bpk-Bildagentur is both the central media service provider for digital images from all institutions of the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation and the commercial image portal for over 200 national and international cultural institutions. What we offer is supplemented by partly exclusive, high-quality testimonies to contemporary history by renowned photographers. ... 

Bild von Marialuisa Plassmann KNA-Bild

Marialuisa Plassmann
Director KNA-Bild

Catholic News Agency

“Image buyers are shown what all the picture agencies have to offer in the same layout in my-picturemaxx. All providers are presented on an equal footing. This is not only an advantage for users, who can concentrate completely on the images, but also for the image providers. For us as a picture agency for the Catholic News Agency, ...

Anker Kundenstimmen

“picturemaxx offers us all the functions for optimal workflow of a sports photo agency: fast, automated processes for importing image data including image distribution to partners, direct invoicing via the webshop, simple billing with our freelance photographers. On top of that, there's excellent support: fast, competent and helpful.“

Axel Kohring
Managing Director
Beautiful Sports
Press Photo Agency UG

Logo Beautiful Sports
Bild von Daniel Kudernatsch ÖBSV

Daniel Kudernatsch

Austrian Disabled Sports Association

“The Austrian Disabled Sports Association is the sports home for people with disabilities and, knowing the importance of sports in terms of health, mobility, independence, quality of life and inclusion, it has set itself the goal of raising the awareness of as many people with disabilities as possible of exercise and sports. It is important to us to create awareness and to do intermediary work. ...

Bild von Martin Skultety Image Professionals

Martin Skultety
Managing Director
Image Professionals

“As Europe’s leading specialist photo agency group, we are represented in the my-picturemaxx media network with our eight brands in the areas of food, living, beauty, science, medical, health, garden and travel. Through the my-picturemaxx platform, we reach almost all relevant editorial offices in German-speaking countries. In view of its efficiency and reach, the media network is a very ... 

Bild von Alice Rauch-Wendlinger Visual Experts - Interfoto

Alice Rauch-Wendlinger
Visual Experts – Interfoto

“As Visual Experts, we have many years of experience in traditional picture editing, picture agency business and digital data processing.

We have been relying on picturemaxx Agency for years to allow us to save time and work efficiently. We use the back office area to manage our own image data and for general administration. We use my-picturemaxx for external picture editing ...


Beate Blank-Wengefeld
Team Leader Picture Editing
ADAC Verlag GmbH & Co. KG

“For us in the general picture editing department of the ADAC Verlag, speed and range are what count. As the most diverse agencies are grouped together, we always find the right photo quickly and efficiently with my-picturemaxx.“

Bild von Cinzia Gianni Süddeutsche Zeitung Photo

Cinzia Giannì
Team Leader Partner and Customer Support,

Photographers & Product Marketing

“Süddeutsche Zeitung Photo is the image agency of the Süddeutsche Zeitung.The stock of around four million images includes both a large historical image archive and current production by the Süddeutsche Zeitung and freelance press photographers, as well as reportage by well-known photojournalists. We present this image stock via my-picturemaxx and the picturemaxx webshop solution. ...

Bild von Birger Johannsen news aktuell

Birger Johannsen
Head of Product Management
news aktuell GmbH

“Multimedia communication using images and videos is essential for successful communication. However, information overload has long since reached the image sector too. So for our customers today, it’s also about making sure their images are easy for editors to find. And this is exactly where picturemaxx comes in: our customers’ press images are entered into the picturemaxx database ...

Bild von Friederike Krick agrar-press

Friederike Krick
Managing Director

“At agrar-press, the combine harvesters roll all year round, the cherry trees blossom even in winter, milking, plowing and harvesting are done around the clock. Behind our motifs lies the expertise of agriculturally trained photographers and agricultural experts. In addition, we set ourselves apart from large stock photo providers by expertly keywording our photos. ...

“jumpfoto offers photo spreads on beauty, health, ‘best agers’, seniors, lifestyle, and a large, high-quality selection of photographs for international magazine covers. picturemaxx Agency is essential for us in this. We can cover everything from image input, keywording and distribution to invoicing and fee accounting through picturemaxx. This simplifies our workflow immensely. We are particularly happy with the help provided by the friendly support team, who are very approachable, and their professional assistance, even when things get tricky. We are completely satisfied.“

jump fotoagentur Logo

Susanne Treubel

Managing Director
jump Fotoagentur

Bild von Margarete Krueger Visum Foto

Margarete Kruger
Picture Editor
Visum Foto GmbH

“Visum is Germany's oldest photographer agency and operates internationally. Our customers are book publishers, advertising agencies, newspapers and magazines worldwide. The image archive can be researched online using the picturemaxx website solution and in the my-picturemaxx media network. Our image offer is updated daily. All important ...

Bild von Nadja Masri Ostkreuzschule

Nadja Masri
Lecturer and
Freelance Picture Editor at Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie

“The Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie is one of the few institutions that trains photo editors. In addition to working on various projects, researching suitable photographic material is an important part of the two-semester course. Of course, we also introduce the common ‘tools of the trade’, such as the my-picturemaxx program. Knowledge of this is a requirement ...

Bild von Nina Guentzel Imago

Nina Güntzel

Marketing & Design Manager

imago stock & people GmbH

“IMAGO stands for news, entertainment, sport and creativity. We also offer the photos from our online range in my-picturemaxx via topic-specific places. This is how we reach many of our customers. For us, it is important to maintain independence in terms of brand presence and customer relations, which is the case at all times in my-picturemaxx. ...

United Archives Logo

Christine Black
Support Executive
United Archives

“Since 2000, we have been acquiring well-known picture agencies from the field of film/TV/personalities and estates of photographers whose photographs are historically and culturally significant as documents of the times they lived in and the modern world. We digitize these works and make them available online: on our picturemaxx website and via my-picturemaxx. We would like to thank picturemaxx very much for the excellent service and the opportunity to be part of this virtual department store of the image world.“

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