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Inspire Others With Your Images With picturemaxx Institutions

Unlock the potential of unique images and history-making moments with proven solutions from
market leader picturemaxx.


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The Optimal Package Solution for Institutions

picturemaxx supports you in achieving your visual media goals. With our picturemaxx Institutions solution, you can build your portal for cultural and scientific communication in no time at all, including your own digital archive. 

With picturemaxx Institutions you archive, distribute, present and license your media securely, easily, cost-effectively and efficiently.


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Whether you are an association, foundation, library, initiative or museum – picturemaxx Institutions helps you to centralize and digitize your media management.

Ansicht picturemaxx Institutions Datenmanagement

Data management with picturemaxx Institutions helps you to structure both the work in your team and your content effectively and allows you to concentrate on the essentials.


Archiving Made Easy

Get your digital transformation off the ground.

Intelligent keywording of your digital files, centralized, web-based archiving and traceable processes mean that you are taking an important step towards the future.


Existing text information on the images can be imported using metadata mapping.


The Perfect Platform for Your Images


With picturemaxx Institutions, you put your visual content in the best possible light.
Based on a modular website form that can be adapted flexibly, you design your portal for your images and other media.


Use your website as a store, member and press portal or for academic exchange.

Illustrierende Animation Website als Presseportal
Bild von Daniel Kudernatsch vom ÖBSV

Daniel Kudernatsch, ÖBSV:

“We have been using the picturemaxx database and web shop solution for our media service since 2020.“

Illustrierende Animation Lizenzierung

With picturemaxx Institutions, you can easily provide any medium with the appropriate copyright and deposit contracts with lenders, communities of heirs or photographers.


Licensing With picturemaxx


Digitize and simplify the distribution process for your images. All work steps from the image request, through reproduction approval and billing, to submission of the document copy can be mapped and documented clearly in picturemaxx Institutions.


Use my-picturemaxx as an additional sales channel.

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Institutions Trust in picturemaxx

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Illustration Arbeiten von überall


Work from Anywhere


Whether in the office, in the depot, at home, while traveling or on a research visit: With picturemaxx Institutions you work with your visual content from anywhere. The only requirement is an internet connection.

The web-based solutions from picturemaxx ensure flexibility and freedom in your everyday work.

Your picturemaxx website is ideal for use as an internal company portal and for teamwork.

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The Benefit to You at a Glance

Optimized digital processes
Icon Optimierte digitale Prozesse

picturemaxx offers you a powerful database solution and all the tools you need to organize your media, your teamwork and your internal and external communication.

Web-based work
Icon Webbasiertes Arbeiten

picturemaxx Institutions guarantees flexibility and freedom in your daily work routine and facilitates teamwork. picturemaxx ensures high availability of software and infrastructure.

Efficient data management
Icon Effizientes Datenmanagment

Flexible action flows help you keyword and organize your content.
This ensures fast retrieval and further processing of your media.

Secure online presentation
Icon Sichere Onlinepräsentation

With the modular website you can immediately start presenting your images and media and share content with all user groups or just the selected few.

Set up copyright
Icon Urheberrechte hinterlegen

In the case of archive collections, complex copyright arrangements often have to be observed. You can map all these contracts in the database and store the corresponding authorizations.

Rights and roles
Icon Rechte und Rollen managen

Determine whether image content is available for download to everyone or only to a registered user group. Maintain control over your image and archive material at all times.


Details Matter

Can I use picturemaxx Institutions as a press portal?

For which types of organizations is picturemaxx Institutions intended?

Is it possible to set up royalties for collecting societies through the system?

Can I make my media available free of charge to a specific group of users?

Is it possible to connect an existing digital archive to picturemaxx Institutions?

How does picturemaxx ensure that my media and content are protected from theft and unlawful use?



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