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The Professional Solution for
Efficient Image Search

Where do I search for the right image?
illustrierende Animation zu Bildersuche leicht gemacht

With my-picturemaxx, you can search across all sources simultaneously and you don’t have to log in to countless websites simultaneously.

How much does it cost to license an image?
Illustrierende Animation zu Was kostet ein Bild

This depends on the medium and the conditions of the individual agencies and can be agreed directly with the offering agencies.

How do I find the perfect image or video?
Illustration Immer schnell zum perfekten Bild

With one keyword you can search hundreds of providers and optimize your search with various filter options and advanced search functions.

How do I get images quickly and conveniently?
Raketen-Icon als Illustration von Schnell und bequem zum perfekten Bild

Open the program, enter the search term and off you go. The results can be downloaded immediately or compared and collected first.

Can several people cooperate in a search?
Illustration Suchen und Arbeiten im Team

my-picturemaxx supports teamwork. Light boxes can be filled together or simply shared with each other. Rankings are also possible.

How do I get in touch with providers?
Illustrierendes Icon zu Einfacher Kontakt zu Anbietenden

my-picturemaxx is your direct connection to media providers. Contact details and media information are available at the click of a mouse.

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Find the Perfect Image Quickly

Do you spend every day looking for suitable image material for your story, your blog, your communication or your advertising campaign?

my-picturemaxx is the marketplace for professional and efficient image searches.


With the my-picturemaxx media search engine, you can find the right image from the perfect provider with just one search.


Find pictures and videos easily and quickly

One login to search hundreds of agencies, archives and content portals

Filter options and advanced search functions

Inspiration source offer service

Ausschnitt aus der my-picturemaxx Software
Kundenstimme beautiful sports Pressefotoagentur

“On top of that, there's excellent support: fast, competent and helpful.“

Axel Kohring, Managing Director, Beautiful Sports Press Photo Agency UG



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