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Moodbild Loesungen fuer PR-Agenturen und Oeffentlichkeitsarbeit

Solutions for

PR Agencies and
Public Relations Inhouse 

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Increase the Media Exposure of Your PR Content

Providing PR material via USB stick, CD-ROM or download link is often a one-way street, as neither tracking nor last-minute changes are possible.


picturemaxx PublicRelations helps you to process and distribute your media in a targeted way. Present yourself and your messages and media content in an appealing way specifically for your target audience.


Greater reach with the picturemaxx Media Network and your media portal

Gain insight into media usage through analysis and documentation tools

Easy searches and retrieval of your media through precise keywording

Ensure that your media is used correctly through T&Cs and terms of use

Create your individual media portal, optimally tailored to your target audience

Find your way into industry-related print and online media

Structured and web-based data and media management

Ensure that your published content is up-to-date by chronological and geographical rights restrictions

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Optimize Your Workflow


Organizing your PR images will save time and be more effective in your hectic working day. Organize and structure your content more efficiently and comprehensibly with picturemaxx PublicRelations.


Work with your media content across the organization or in specific departments. With picturemaxx data management, you define various rights and roles and collaborate with your team and partners from anywhere on the web.


Systematic filing and structured media processing

Easy searches and retrieval

Usage notes can be set up

Sending/releasing to partners

picturemaxx Mediennetzwerk
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Distribution to Image Editors

Sending PR content to editorial offices in a targeted yet widely distributed way is very time-consuming. Nevertheless, it is often unclear whether the information has reached the right place.


Through the picturemaxx Media Network, you can reach hundreds of well-known media and publishing houses that can use your pictures to good effect in print and online.

Use new channels and partners for your media sales with my-picturemaxx.


Increase the reach and presence of your PR images

Be found by hundreds of editors with just one search

Use daily updates to manage your campaign perfectly

Link media to a press release for the perfect media output

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“In view of its efficiency and reach, the Media Network is a very important addition to our own websites for us.“

Martin Skultety, Managing Director, Image Professionals GmbH



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