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New my-picturemaxx version

The new my-picturemaxx update brings even more user-friendliness and efficiency to everyday editorial work. Handling project folders and lightboxes is now even easier. Additional search functions are available and there are also useful optimizations in the handling of search results.


Enhanced functionality for project folders and lightboxes


Newly created lightboxes and project folders are activated automatically, making it easier to get started straight away.

When transferring media between different lightboxes, you are asked whether the files should be copied or moved to another lightbox. This gives you full control over the organization of your assets.

Duplicate names in project folders are automatically recognized and avoided to enable unique identification of content.

A new filter logic also applies to project folders and lightboxes: when filtering in overviews, group names are only displayed if they match the search directly or individual elements below them, i.e. no "empty" elements.


Improvements for the search and  search results


Use of hashtag and ampersand in the search


Filters for visible results


Hover effect and similarity search


Note icon with hover effect when content is present

New shortcuts for navigation in search results: “CTRL + Page Up/Page Down" on Windows and "Cmd + PgUp/PgDwn" on Mac quickly jump to the section of the next media provider.


User administration made easy


The new user administration with many advantages and improvements makes administrative and routine tasks faster.

Enjoy fast, intuitive operation with the completely redesigned interface.

Step-by-step instructions with clear instructions guide you through the new functions. You now have the option of copying data records and saving time with the batch function thanks to efficient management options.



Batch menu for multiple selections

With the new batch menu, you can directly perform various actions with a multiple selection of media.


Working faster with multiple selections


The batch menu appears automatically in the search results field as soon as you select more than one media piece. The selected media can then be added directly to the shopping cart, downloaded, shared, and put into the lightbox with only one click for all.

Further searches can be started by clicking on the new magnifying glass icon, for example for selected keywords from the new keyword list, for similar images or associated series (if any).



Seamless Zoom

Want to refine your view in order to to be able to evaluate your results even better? The user-friendly view settings now make it possible immediately.


Adjust zoom level and other search result settings


Changes in the search result view are now displayed immediately in the search result field. So you can instantly see if the new settings fit your needs.

With the new seamless zoom, you have even more flexibility in the view of your search results and can adjust the zoom level of the preview images that suits you best.



Duplicate lightboxes instead of copying

Thanks to the new "Create duplicate" function, you create a new lightbox with identical content and changes in this lightbox have no effect on the original lightbox. It is still possible to add a lightbox to another project folder via "Copy as reference". Changes in this light box will then affect the original light box.


Further improvements and tweaks


New button for lightbox and project folder management



New roles for lightbox sharing


New windows for even more overview


New filter in the Places area

Update #14648

Extension of the Places area

Who offers which content? The new Places area will show you. 

In this new group area you can search for content from the suppliers specialized in your subject areas.


Topical searches even more effective


You are looking for special topics and would like to search for the perfect picture at the agencies specialized in these areas? Thanks to the new section "Main topics of the suppliers", this is now possible. Select the suitable main focus area from the list and search for a keyword as usual. Then simply filter your search and choose your perfect match.

The new area is one of the main folders in the Places area.



my Requests - Start the Turbo Search!

The my-picturemaxx image agencies are here for to deal with any special requirements.
Just ask directly via my-picturemaxx.


Not Found What You Are Looking For? Your Image Pros Know What to Do.

Are you looking for a needle in a haystack or can’t find the right keywords? Describe your specific research needs and start a query with your selected media providers via the my Requests research service. You can see the answers and, above all, the results directly in my-picturemaxx.
Simply open them with the service icon at the top right or via the Services menu > my Requests.

Demovideo myRequests

UPDATE #14196

Many Improvements for Day-to-Day Image Searches

Are you already using my-picturemaxx? A new version is ready for you.
You can update it at any time free of charge.


Define Your Own Workspaces


Adapt my-picturemaxx to different requirements:

Working on different projects often requires different steps. With the new update it is possible to adapt the user interface to these needs and to define different workspaces, save them and return to a defined setup at any time.
For example, it is possible to collapse or expand the sidebar. Windows can be docked or undocked or placed on a second screen.
The saved workspaces can be managed as well as selected via the "Window" menu item and the "Workspace" menu subitem.



Further Improvements and Tweaks

Illustration Angebote my-picturemaxx

Easily add offers to the lightbox


Illustration Sofort-Download

Downloads for all offered media formats possible

Illustration Erweiterte Suche

For professionals: Advanced search even more convenient

Illustration Letzte Suchen

Last searches: Function additionally remembers filters

UPDATE # 13671

Matrix Filter

Are you already using my-picturemaxx? A new version is available for you.
You can update it at any time free of charge.


Improved Search Logic and a More Intuitive User Interface


The new Matrix filter introduced at the beginning of this year has been enhanced and optimized, and more improvements are on the way. Active filters are now highlighted more clearly. We are also working on adding new filters. Combined with the revamped presentation of results in the Places area, this gives you full transparency and control over the effects of your filter selection.
The search logic has been adapted in such way that the displayed filters are based on the selection in the Places area and not the other way around. You are shown only filters that can be applied across all selected places.

Illustrierung des Matrix-Filter



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