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We would like to offer you the opportunity to experience our software in full before you decide on a long-term cooperation. Therefore we offer you a 30-day test phase, during which you can get to know my-picturemaxx without obligation.

Ready to go in just a few clicks

Test completely without obligation

Only email address needed


30 days
free trial

Windows  |  MacOS  (Desktop)

*The full version costs €189 per year (plus VAT). Order here.


Advantages of my-pictuermaxx

Search and license images across the board - in a global marketplace of stock agencies, archives and portals

Valuable every day
Save time

Save valuable time and resources by searching the databases of several hundred picture agencies simultaneously. Thanks to the powerful search function of my-picturemaxx, you can expand your search at the touch of a button and browse an extensive selection of images from various sources.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

You can work on projects alone or together in a team, create lightboxes and share them. Optimize your workflow and save valuable time on image research and licensing.


Over millions of media are displayed for you in my-picturemaxx. Whether stock or editorial, current or historical, with my-picturemaxx you can be sure to find images from absolutely any category and at almost any time. Expand your creative possibilities by accessing a wide range of images that will enrich your projects and help you communicate your message effectively.

Bild von Beate Blank

Beate Blank-Wengefeld, ADAC Verlag
"For us in the general picture editing department at ADAC Verlag, speed and range are what counts ...."


Vollversion vs. Demoversion

Welche Unterschiede gibt es im Funktionsumfang?



Media filter

Demo Version

Full Version

Create lightboxes


Sharing lightboxes

Search within all providers



Technical Support


Test my-picturemaxx in only 3 simple steps


1. Download

Windows | MacOS

Laden Sie die

Demoversion für Ihr Betriebssystem herunter.


2. Installation

Datei herunterladen,

mit Doppelklick die Installation starten und den Bildschirmanweisungen folgen.


3. Registrierung

Registrieren Sie anschließend Ihren Demo-Account
bei my-picturemaxx.


The most important answers in advance

When does the 30-day trial period start?

What happens after the 30 days of the trial?

Is the trial version really free?

Can I test the product on more than one device?

How much does a picture cost via my-picturemaxx?

Is my-picturemaxx a picture agency or a portal?

Will I be charged after the 30 days?

For whom is my-picturemaxx particularly suitable?

Get your
30-day trial!

Discover how my-picturemaxx takes your image search to a new level. See for yourself the extensive features and power of our software. We look forward to supporting you on your journey and helping you make your image search more efficient.

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