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my-picturemaxx Update for an optimized image search

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

The new my-picturemaxx version is available since August 2020 and offers many small innovations that make everyday work much more effective. Here we reveal a few tricks and what's new.

Expanded Downloads overview

The Downloads Overview panel in my-picturemaxx lists all downloads and their details. The integration of two new columns - "Status" and "Resolution" - provides you with quick access to more information.

The new "Status" column in the "Downloads overview" panel provides you with feedback on each new download and if it was successful, failed or is still open.

The new "Resolution" column allows you to filter images by media size (thumbnail, preview, high-res, other download sizes) directly from the Overview panel.

Speaking of filter: Matrix filter

The new Matrix filter introduced at the beginning of 2020 has been enhanced and optimized, and more improvements are on the way. Active filters are now highlighted more clearly. Combined with the revamped presentation of results in the Places area, this gives you full transparency and control over the effects of your filter selection.

The search logic has been adapted in such way that the displayed filters are based on the selection in the Places area and not the other way around. You are shown only filters that can be applied across all selected places.

The working day is over, but the research is far from over?

Not a problem from now on. The status of a group in Places – whether it’s open or closed – is saved when the program is terminated. Marked groups and places can also be saved (needs seeting up in Preferences).

Furter improvements and tweaks

  • Sending a complete lightbox easier

  • Copy metadata from mouseover view

  • Optimized operating system supporter-Ansicht

You can find out more about the new features, setting options and all news about my-picturemaxx in our "What's new" area.

my-picturemaxx is new to you and you would like to optimize your image research? Then take advantage of our special offer for new customers and find image results from hundreds of agencies with just one search.

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