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New in my-picturemaxx: #timelapseFFM

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Foto: #timelapseFFM

As a photographer, Marc Dyck has specialized in architectural photography, documentaries and time-lapse videos since 2011 with #timelapseFFM. His work is characterized by an eye for detail and a passion for architecture and urban landscapes. His shots feature clear lines, structures and shapes of buildings combined with an atmospheric play with light. The media portfolio includes a broad spectrum of documentary city and architectural photographs, street photography, events, exhibitions and, as a particular highlight, time-lapse videos with a focus on Frankfurt am Main. The latter offer the unique opportunity to bring changes and the transformation of cities and construction projects to life through the skillful staging of day-and-night transitions or the changing seasons. A visually appealing and expressive addition to classic photographs. All content in the #timelapseFFM place is now available in my-picturemaxx.


  • Frankfurt

  • Architecture

  • Cityscapes

  • Aerial Photographs

  • Time-lapse videos

  • Art & Culture

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