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CEPIC webinar on 6th of July 2021, organized by SmartFrame

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Technology, Access and Value – Balancing dissemination, protection and profitability in cultural heritage will be the topic of our technology partner SmartFrame in this webinar. They announced first class speakers.

More info and registration link:

There will be a promo code for participants from the field of cultural heritage!

SmartFrame is a streaming technology for the presentation of images online. Images are displayed in a special frame, the so-called SmartFrame. In this frame, they can be enlarged or displayed as a full screen. This means that images can also be embedded on third-party websites or shared via social media.

The highlight is that due to their own technology, images cannot be saved as a screenshot or by downloading them with the right click via the web browser. Theft can be prevented. In addition, every click on the image can be tracked by the webshop owners.

Smart Frame Frontend

Thanks to the option of in-image advertising, you can also use your image galleries for advertising purposes or even as an additional revenue opportunity to draw attention to your own business or to advertising partners.

About SmartFrame Technologies Ltd.

Founded in 2015, SmartFrame Technologies Ltd is a London-based software provider whose aim is to redefine the digital image standard for the benefit of photographers, visual artists and organizations. Through its SmartFrame platform, the company has a global footprint of clients and partners using its technology to protect, track, control, present and monetize their content.

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