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Birkenstock_Priedemuth new in my-picturemaxx

Updated: May 14, 2021

German long jumper Malaika Mihambo is sitting in the sand pit applauding after her jump
Photo: Wolfgang Birkenstock -

Wolfgang Birkenstock and Jens Priedemuth: from local level to international events - track & field in focus. The experienced photographers provide their work now in my-picturemaxx.

The main focus is on track & field. Both covered since two decades nearly all German Championships. Since 2005 they have been shooting pictures from every track & field World- and European championship.

Their offer on the platform my-picturemaxx includes mainly pictures from the German track & field scene. In the calendar you will find every year the international riding show CHIO in Aachen or every two years the international airshow ILA in Berlin.

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