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Your website – a perfect platform for your images

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

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First impressions count.

Whether we meet people for the first time, spot a product at a store for the first time or contact a new company – the first few seconds and minutes can quickly determine whether we are interested in continuing a conversation with someone, whether a product ends up in our shopping basket or whether we take a closer look at this new company.

If our goal is to find out more about a company, we usually head for it’s homepage, expecting to find what we are looking for quickly – presented in an ideal and appealing way. The first visual impression counts – especially in the image industry. It determines whether visitors stay on the website, browse through offered media and become customers or not.

We would like to offer some help and inspiration on how to create a perfect website.

What should I consider before creating a new website?

First of all, a website should be well matched to the company, agency, institution or person. Of course it must also be in line with the target group and the goals to be achieved.

A consistent layout and chosen language are integral parts and they need to fit to the corporate design.

Before creating a new website, therefore be aware of the following points or discuss them with your team:

  • Which main colors should I use

  • Which logo do I plan to use and should I have different versions for different purposes? (Example favicon for the tab bar)

  • Do I want to use specific header images and does the imagery suit me and my business?

  • What should my navigation and footer look like?

  • How do I address my visitors?

Tip: Just brainstorm freely and make a draft. Sometimes small sketches – on paper or digital – help to get a better overall picture.

Once you are certain about the basic conditions, it's time to fill the website with life.

The entry door "home page"

The home page is your website’s most important page. This is where visitors first come to and where the first impression is created. Therefore, you should carefully consider which content and information is most important and how you can make customers curious about finding out more.

In the image industry, highlight images or current offers should be presented highly visible on the home page so that visitors become interested immediately and find their way to the store or content portal to look around and discover more.

On the home page, it's therefore more than okay to “make some noise”. The most important thing though, is that it is easy for visitors to find their way around quickly and that all subpages are well structured and clearly arranged.

What kind of website suits me best?

Industries, agencies, institutions, teams and their priorities are different, so every external presentation is of course individual. What is important for you is to be able to identify with your website.

Helping you find the best way to present your media and content, picturemaxx offers many easy-to-implement options for presenting your company and media in perfect light. Predefined templates make your life easier and no coding knowledge is needed. Simply select a template type and fill in your stories and images. We are sure you have a lot of exciting things to tell, show and share with the world.

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