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The Editorial collection of Depositphotos now available in my-picturemaxx

Bagan, Myanmar, hot air ballon above Buddhist temples
Islentyev Dmitry / Depositphotos

The Editorial collection by Depositphotos, an international content marketplace, provides top-quality stock images and videos to help you illustrate current events and newsworthy material. Within one collection, you can find high-resolution and original visuals that showcase people, landmarks, and various events. They range from live performances, celebrations, and red carpets to political summits, tech conferences, and sports championships.

Depositphotos’ rich Editorial collection contains almost 18 million files, which were selected for the needs of journalists, editors, bloggers, news agencies, and website owners. It focuses on lifestyle, holidays, events, business, nature, and technology. Here, you’re bound to find visuals that will make your next story stand out.


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