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punctum FOTOGRAFIE new in my-picturemaxx

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Leipzig, Petersbogen, Neues Rathaus
Photo: PUNCTUM / Bertram Kober

punctum FOTOGRAFIE is an image and photographer agency in Leipzig for over 30 years. The agency’s archive is run by dedicated professional photographers and it offers quite a range of images – from those of great historical and urban importance to highly topical photographs.

The image pool meanwhile consists of more than 35,000 motives. It‘s spectrum ranges from intimate portraits, events, industrial and architectural photographs to aerial views of cities and their surroundings. Free artistic works and projects with documentary character are also available.

punctum FOTOGRAFIE was founded in Leipzig in 1990 by prominent photographers such as Wolfgang G. Schröter, Bertram Kober, Hans-Christian Schink, Olaf Martens, Peter Franke, Gerhard Gäbler and long-time director Marianne Portius. 2020 it celebrated its 30th anniversary. The archive is now available to my-picturemaxx users via the channel punctum FOTOGRAFIE.


  • Leipzig

  • Culture

  • Industrial

  • Events

  • History

  • Portraits

  • Aerial Photos

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