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New in my-picturemaxx: action press REGIO-GROUP

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Foto: Florian Petrow / action press
Photo: Florian Petrow / action press

action press REGIO-GROUP, the network of regional newspapers regional news become international news.

With the "Regio-Group", action press international offers a platform with regional news photos, features and reports for national and international media customers, such as TV stations, magazines, newspapers, online sites and other publications.

More than 300 regional newspapers report day after day from all parts of Germany and produce diverse content that is often of great national interest. Through its place action press REGIO-GROUP, action press distributes the productions of regional newspapers internationally. action press shares the added value with the publishers. The "Regio-Group" offers the big and the small, the exclusive and the touching news.


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  • News Photos

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