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Between the Amazon, the Andes and the South Pacific: Invenatrio Documental new in my-picturemaxx

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Women harvesting on a field. In the background there is a beautiful mountain landscape
Jorge Vinueza / Inventario Documental

Inventario Documental is an agency based in Quito / Ecuador, which gathers contemporary works of documentary photography of everyday life in the Amazon, the Andes and the South Pacific. From now on their exclusive photographic material is available to my-picturemaxx users.

Renowned professionals and young talents share their passionate perspectives that shape this impressive collection, powerful stories and beautiful images, which will take you through the mountains, jungles and coasts of Latin America.

The use and sale of images by Inventario Documental – i.d. Photo Boutique, creates a bridge between editorial, institutional and commercial media on the one side and social development, environmental education, culture, heritage and tourism projects on the other side and therefore is an important element for their distribution, promotion and support.

Inventario Documental introduces another side of South America, its beautiful landscapes and its positive, questioning and resilient people.


  • Latin America

  • Culture

  • Working life

  • People

  • Nature / Landscape

  • Animals

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