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  • Additional sales channel for increasing your turnover
  • Direct points of contact of all participating buyers in i-picturemaxx
  • Fully integrated inot picturemaxx BACKSTAGE

For picture and media agencies, archives, syndications, photo portals - in short,  to all content providers who want to market their media within a professional, well known group of participants in i-picturemaxx.


  • Selling and marketing by using the brand name of the media supplier
  • 100% of the turnover to the provider
  • Rights, fees, finances under self control
  • Approved members
  • Direct contact to all customers
  • Ongoing acquisition of potential customers by picturemaxx
  • No duplication of data for i-picturemaxx
  • Partners can be added easily

Start now and get

  • License picturemaxx MEDIAPORT

    integrated if using picturemaxx BACKSTAGE Archive
    with picturemaxx BACKSTAGE Opengate to connect with any database


Minimum efforts - maximum effects

picturemaxx Backstage  
  • Comfortable providing of media files  in i-picturemaxx
  • Data import of all participating media buyers
  • Marketing campaign at start
  • State of the art customer and rights administration
  • Comprehensive statistics

Always up to date

my-picturemaxx Media Suppliers  
  • Continuous acquisition of potential customers by picturemaxx
  • Ongoing information about new buyers
  • Ongoing transmission of data of new buyers
  • Current updates of contact partner data
  • Publication and update of media supplier's profile

Important services support sales

my-picturemaxx my Offers my Offers – image collections by theme
Search results compiled by the media supplier with the most up-to-date images of the most important events in politics, sport, entertainment or generally subject areas.
my-picturemaxx my Calendar my Calendar - calendar search
Calendar events can be selected by the media supplier and taken over from the i-picturemaxx system into its own system in order to create answers for my-picturemaxx users.
my-picturemaxx my Question

my Question - question/answer service
Freely-formulated queries from my-picturemaxx users are forwarded the media supplier who can respond with a appropriate search result.


New market
with i-picturemaxx
Reach editorial &
advertising media professionals

Media Suppliers - the newest 5

obs / news aktuell GmbH (GER)
360° - the visual content service (GER)
alpineSTOCK.com (CHE)

At a Glance

  • More than 300 well-known media suppliers
  • Over 150 million media files
  • Estimated annual sales of 200 million euros
  • Multiple license types: RM, RF, MS, others
  • Installed on more than 10,000 work stations

i-picturemaxx Members

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Flyers and Price Lists

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