picturemaxx BACKSTAGE

  • Mobile Working
  • Cost Savings
  • Process Optimization
  • Customer Loyalty
  • All data availabe everywhere, anytime
  • Automized and standardized workflows
  • control of all procedures
  • Increase of sales and earnings

picturemaxx BACKSTAGE is an unique web based all-in-one business portal for media companies and prepared to give optimal support for the tasks and requirements of image and film agencies.

All in One

  • e-Commerce Solution
  • Website
  • Content Management System
  • Archive
  • Media Production / Media Processing
  • Batch Keywording
  • Customer, Author, Partner Management
  • Role-based Rights Management

All Areas

  • Media
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Web
  • Purchasing
  • Finance
  • Administration
  • IT

Selected Features

picturemaxx BACKSTAGE   Completely web-based, virtually unlimited scope for internal and external employees via role-based access to functions and information depending on the assigned access privileges
picturemaxx BACKSTAGE Cockpits   Dynamically adjustable special applications, so called cockpits, for the configuration of central and decentralized “self services” for optimizing business process cycles and for the inclusion of partners, suppliers and service providers
picturemaxx BACKSTAGE Statistik   Analyses and statistics for reliable evaluation of company success, as well as individual and overall analyses of all operating processes, employee performance and financial results in order to improve the quality of decision-making
picturemaxx BACKSTAGE Contact History   More satisfied customers due to optimization of customer-related activities, from sales to the creation of precisely-targeted services and information
picturemaxx BACKSTAGE Action Runs   High productivity through full transparency of all processes and significant reduction in errors arising from manual data entry and data redundancy


Licenses that make
life easier!

Reliable and efficient

"Working with picturemaxx …

WAHAPRESS: Michael Waha... BACKSTAGE is a pleasure. In a few hours, I was familiar with the most important features needed for daily use and am constantly discovering new features."
Michael Waha, Managing Director WAHAPRESS

"We are very happy ...

laif: Peter Bitzer ... the communication and collaborative work on new projects runs very smoothly. We appreciate the excellent service."
Peter Bitzer, laif CEO

"It just makes you so efficient ...

Redux Pictures: Marcel Saba ... for the short amount of time we've used picturemaxx BACKSTAGE, the benefits are already tremendous: in sales, in production, in efficiency."
Marcel Saba, Redux Pictures CEO

System Requirements

picturemaxx BACKSTAGE

  • Internet-ready computer
  • Internet browser Mozilla Firefox 3.6 or higher
  • Optional (depending on platform and use) support of Java, Flash and an FTP program that handles UTF-8 encoding

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