picturemaxx from 1983 to today

International business 2011/12

  • Focus on international growth
  • picturemaxx international, New York, USA

picturemaxx BACKSTAGE 2009/2010

  • Launch of picturemaxx BACKSTAGE, the all-in-one company portal for media companies
i-picturemaxx 2007

  • New media search engine my-picturemaxx
  • Launch of the i-picturemaxx media network
Media Data Center 2003

  • Creation of the first picturemaxx media data center
  • New picturemaxx product line is launched
picturemaxx AG 2003

  • Cydelion and APIS are merged into picturemaxx AG and brought under new management
Since 1983 1983

  • Active in the media market since 1983
  • Frst picture databases are established in domestic markets and abroad in the mid-eighties


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About picturemaxx

As a specialized supplier of Software as a Service (SaaS), picturemaxx™ develops and licenses highly efficient Media Asset Management (MAM) software as well as Enterprise Content Management (ECM) modules for the professional media market, the marketing communication and the information management...

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