picturemaxx operates a comprehensive information, control, organization, and a quality management system called picturemaxx ISOS. Based on this system, we constantly improve the quality of our company.

The reference standard for the system is DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. The system is focussed on our mission statement, our goals, the expectations of our customers, partners, suppliers and service providers as well as the requirements of further interested parties. It takes into account all for picturemaxx apllying rules, regulations, norms and standards.

All relevant processes in our organization are consistently customer-oriented designed, managed and monitored. The constant analysis of data from picturemaxx ISOS are used for a continuous improment of all our services and processes.

Policy of Quality

The perfect quality of our software, data center services and other services is our goal. Our services are oriented consistently to the market requirements. For this purpose these are identified regularly. We improve ourselves continuously and are constantly working to optimize the organization, processes and results.

Regulatory compliance is a matter of course. We set high standards for all development, operating and service processes. We constantly communicate the requirements from picturemaxx ISOS and review the effectiveness during internal audits. The guidelines in picturemaxx ISOS are binding and are implemented by all employees in their daily activities.

Model of Process Architecture

Our advanced process architecture model is the basis of picturemaxx ISOS and shows the interaction of our organizational processes. The process architecture model consists of three process categories: management processes, core processes and support processes.

The expectations and demands of our customers and partners play the central role in shaping the processes. They are collected systematically and analyzed.

Management Processes

  • Stratey and goals
  • Human resources development and permanent education
  • Permanent improvement
  • Product and pricing policy

Core Processes

  • Software development
  • Operating of technical infrastructure
  • Sales and job execution
  • Continuous customer care

Support Processes

  • Purchasing
  • Accounting
  • Personnel administration
  • Office Management
  • Marketing and communication
  • IT management
  • Documentation


Document Structure

The overall guidelines are described in the first structural level. In the second level, the process flows, key figures, as well as the responsibilities and competences are defined.
These guidelines are supplemented by detailed work instructions, inspection instructions, process descriptions and other supporting documents.


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