Corporate Responsibility

At picturemaxx Corporate Responsibility is an important part of our corporate strategy and we take our responsibility as part of society as a whole very seriously. This represents an ongoing commitment to our employees, partners, customers, suppliers, shareholders and the people and institutions around us. Our goal is to provide excellence in innovation that is consistent with our high ethical, environmental, economic and social values.

The success of picturemaxx is always dependent on compliance with our own high standards and Business Principles. We know that in any area business practices can have unintended consequences if they do not take into account the needs of individuals and the community. We also know that integrity and consideration for others when conducting business makes us more effective in achieving our long-term goals.

For picturemaxx Corporate Responsibility means always remaining true to the Business Principles of the company in practice.

As a result and in addition to this, as a responsible company, we commit ourselves to adhering to the following four principles in all our processes and decisions.

Business Principles


Sustainability is
our business!

Social principles
in business!

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