Dec 28, 2012 Schapowalow new in my-picturemaxx


Via the image agency Schapowalow you will find exclusive collections of high quality travel photography in my-picturemaxx. Professional photographers provide you with fascinating, creative and innovative imagery from destinations all around the world.


Dec 21, 2012 Allpix Press new in my-picturemaxx

Allpix Press

The press agency Allpix Press specializes in royal families from around the world, as well as extensive collections of close ups, home stories, fashion and sports. Highlights are the Cannes Film Festival and music festivals.


Dec 20, 2012 organicpic new in my-picturemaxx


organicpic is a media agency specialized in authentic pictures and editorials in the organic bio branch. With years of experience in marketing and editing, the organicpic team has carefully selected and prepared their contributions for you.


Dec 11, 2012 CITYPRESS 24 new in my-picturemaxx


CITYPRESS 24 is an internationally oriented media agency. The thematic focus of the agency lies in the areas of sports and celebrities, selected photos in the fields news, politics and Stock Photography complete the offer.


Nov 30, 2012 Julius Images new in my-picturemaxx

Julius Images

The photo agency JULIUS IMAGES is part of the creative agency Redeleit und Junker GmbH, based in Lueneburg, Germany. The new agency in my-picturemaxx has its main focus in nature and garden photography.


Nov 26, 2012 Matrix Studios is now represented by action press PLUS

action press PLUS

action press PLUS brings Matrix Studios to Germany! From November 2012 action press PLUS will represent the London-based picture agency Matrix Studios in my-picturemaxx. Matrix Studios is a high-end photographic library and production house.


Nov 22, 2012 Vintage Germany new in my-picturemaxx

Vintage Germany

Vintage Germany was founded in 2011 by historian and journalist Dr. Jan Zimmermann and offers a diverse portfolio of historic photography from the 19th and 20th centuries. The images come from first-class and extensive private collections that date back to 1860.


Oct 31, 2012 INF Photo new in my-picturemaxx

INF Photo

Insight News & Features (INF) - The world s best celebrity images - is an american press agency, that has specialised on the photography of famous celebrities especially from show business for 10 years. The Sales-Team will from now on support the German Speaking market.


Oct 02, 2012 Star Max, Inc. new in my-picturemaxx

Star Max, Inc.

STAR MAX was founded 1996 and has rapidly become one of the industry leaders in providing timely service of high-quality digital images to magazines, newspapers, Websites and television shows throughout the world.


Sep 28, 2012 VISUM travel new in my-picturemaxx

VISUM travel

The new VISUM travel my-picturemaxx Place offers breathtaking images of the most beautiful and exciting destinations in the world. And VISUM would not be VISUM if its photographers supplied average touristic clichés of the coutries.


Sep 24, 2012 XAMAX Photo Agency new in my-picturemaxx


The XAMAX Photo Agency has been capturing images of Berlin about these themes: Berlin, Events, Lifestyle, Gastronomy, Symbolbild. Along with the latest images, XAMAXs archive includes a comprehensive collection that spans the last 15 years - now available in my-picturemaxx.


Aug 09, 2012 Hanna Wagner Reisefotografie new in my-picturemaxx

Hanna Wagner Reisefotografie

Hanna Wagner Reisefotografie offers a wide array of imagery that features the most popular tourist destinations around the globe, available to all buyers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The images are classic, modern and inspirational.


Jul 11, 2012 new in my-picturemaxx - live, moving, funny, informative and sensational. The photo agency specializes in contemporary photos and reports from the animal world. Its impressive collection is available for customers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


Jun 28, 2012 Condé Nast Collection new in my-picturemaxx

Condé Nast Collection / The Cartoon Bank

Need a good laugh? The cartoons you'll find on my-picturemaxx represent a curated collection from the cartoon archive. The Cartoon Bank does offer almost every cartoon published in The New Yorker since 1925.


Jun 26, 2012 Mediadom new in my-picturemaxx


The Mediadom AG, a press & picture agency from the charming town of Lenzburg, was created in the new millennium, with the goal of recording and capturing history with all its facets and supplying people with up to date news, reports, pictures and unique impressions.


Jun 25, 2012 Paparazziportal new in my-picturemaxx


Surprising photos, exciting moments, while having celebrities in the focus of the camera - InSight media provides customers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland their second Place: Paparazziportal - exclusive paparazzi shots of celebritys.


Jun 22, 2012 Market News: expands its offer of illustrations

Through new international cooperation the Munich image agency,, is expanding its offer of modern and exciting illustrations. The whole range of illustrations covers for example business, economic, social, financial world, family and sport.


Jun 20, 2012 Glow Images new in my-picturemaxx

Glow Images

Glow Images focuses on providing fresh, high quality content. On Glow Images, the creative community has access to approx. 20 million striking and contemporary RM and RF images, editorial content, illustrations and footage.


Jun 18, 2012 Project Photos new in my-picturemaxx

Project Photos

Project Photos was founded in 1998 by the renowned photographer Reinhard Eisele (eisele photos) as one of the first RF stock photo agencies in Germany and is especially characterized by a consistently clear and natural imagery language.


Jun 14, 2012 Magnum Photos new in my-picturemaxx

Magnum Photos

The impressive collection from Magnum Photos is now available via my-picturemaxx. From long form journalism and coverage in conflict zones to fashion features and celebrity portraits, Magnum photographers are prepared to provide the highest quality images.


Jun 13, 2012 Splash News - with new places in my-picturemaxx


Splash – one of the largest celebrity news agency on the planet – brings 24-hour-a-day coverage from the world of show business. Splash’s images are now separated into three my-picturemaxx channels for Exclusives, Non Exclusives and Events.


Jun 12, 2012 WILDLIFE new in my-picturemaxx

WILDLIFE Bildagentur

In addition to Juniors Bildarchiv, you’ll also now find the new WILDLIFE Place in my-picturemaxx. Discover breathtaking animal motifs and be enchanted by fascinating images of plants from around the world, as well as magnificent landscapes.


May 30, 2012 argus Fotoagentur new in my-picturemaxx

argus Fotoagentur

argus Fotoagentur create symbolic photos and reportages on themes of current interest, focusing on business, politics, environment, transport, health, and social issues. Now you will be able to find the impressive collections in my-picturemaxx.


May 29, 2012 GAP Interiors new in my-picturemaxx

GAP Interiors

Next to GAP Gardens now will also find GAP Interiors in my-picturemaxx. This place includes an inspiring collection of stunning images covering all aspects of home and interior design. More than 55,000 images and over 1,200 home stories with text.


May 16, 2012 GAP Gardens new in my-picturemaxx

GAP Gardens

GAP Gardens - This fresh green collection covers all aspects of life in the garden. Here you will find an extensive collection with more than 290,000 highest quality images from more than 150 award-winning garden photographers.


May 08, 2012 action press PLUS new in my-picturemaxx

action press PLUS

action press PLUS is the new exclusive label provided by action press. It marks the action press portfolio of exclusive high quality images of national and international celebrities. action press PLUS teams up with photographers renown from the fields of people, fashion and lifestyle.


Apr 25, 2012 VISUM creative new in my-picturemaxx

VISUM creative

VISUM creative shows new picture languages, extraordinary stock pictures and outstanding works in a large variety of topics! VISUM is the eldest German photo agency and covers picture journalists as well as photo designers.


Apr 24, 2012 Market News: Gallery Stock Website now also in German

Gallery Stock

The Gallery stock web portal from now on also offers German language. About that informs the London based company. Visitors can choose between an English, French or German interface for the website. German is also offered as a search language.


Apr 23, 2012 Teubner Foodfoto new in my-picturemaxx

Teubner Foodfoto

For more than 40 years, Teubner Foodfoto has been a fixture in the media market for food imagery and recipes. Now you have access to an extensive archive, from the world of cooking and the kitchen, as well as recipes and detailed ingredients information.


Apr 16, 2012 London News Pictures new in my-picturemaxx

London News Pictures

London News Pictures (LNP) is a leading news picture service providing quality editorial imagery to the world's media. LNP covers all aspects of breaking news and has photographers in locations in central London and all over the UK.


Apr 02, 2012 SPORTFOLIO new in my-picturemaxx


SPORTFOLIO is a growing collection of the world’s finest sport portraiture and sport reportage pioneered by Periscope-Creative founders Tim Rhodes and Luke Lalor. Main topics are Football, Tennis, Boxing and more!


Apr 01, 2012 picturemaxx BACKSTAGE ist "BEST OF 2012"

"BEST OF 2012"

picturemaxx BACKSTAGE belongs to the „BEST OF 2012“. This was certified by the „Initiative Mittelstand“ during their benchmarks for the “Innovationspreis-IT”, a yearly competition among small and mid-size IT companies to find out the most innovative products.


Mar 29, 2012 Picture Pirates new in my-picturemaxx

Picture Pirates

As picture pirates of the media industry, the agency takes its chances in supplying all seven seas of the world with information. Picture Pirates discovers the most valuable pearls and lost treasures of the media ocean.


Mar 27, 2012 Transtock new in my-picturemaxx


Transtock specializes in transportation stock photography. The agency offers you interesting images to themes like cars, other wheeled vehicles, airplanes from all decades, boats and other floating transportations, as well as much more.


Feb 29, 2012 Bildagentur von Stocki new in my-picturemaxx

Bildagentur von Stocki

Bildagentur von Stocki is a photo agency that vividly interprets the federal politics of Germany through its imagery. You will find significant portraits that straddle the thin line between peoples private and professional personalities as well as art photographs.


Feb 28, 2012 Getty Images - with Videos new in my-picturemaxx

Getty Images

my-picturemaxx users have even more choice  – with two brand new video channels for editorial and creative content. A Getty Images customer will find more than 820,000 videos, among them about 500,000 creative clips.


Feb 08, 2012 mauritius images Content+ new in my-picturemaxx

mauritius images/ALAMYselection

mauritius images launched the mauritius images Content+ in my-picturemaxx. Participating media buyers now have the opportunity to find approximately all five million ALAMY rights managed images in a simple manner.


Feb 06, 2012 Planet Photos Ltd. new in my-picturemaxx

Planet Photos Ltd.

Planet Photos is a celebrity photo agency based in London, England, with more than 10 years experience. The agency specializes in paparazzi, premieres, TV stills, music videos, celebrity campaigns, stars before they were famous, and much more.


Feb 02, 2012 Runway Manhattan new in my-picturemaxx

Runway Manhattan

Runway Manhattan is a comprehensive resource of photography that covers runways, red carpets and the streets. They proudly represent leading producers of celebrity and fashion imagery, scouring their archives for the single best photos.


Feb 01, 2012 opticphotos and video new in my-picturemaxx

opticphotos and video

Optic Photos Ltd is a celebrity photo agency which actively distributes video and imagery of "A-list celebrities". The company is a family business with 12 years experience, which has lead to a vast portfolio of work. World wide licensing, without Germany and France.


Jan 30, 2012 ASAblanca new in my-picturemaxx


Top-notch photography plus image and text reports from a single source - that’s what the new Vienna-based agency ASAblanca offers: ready-made features, covering a great variety of topics, exclusive home-stories, portraits and captivating image collections.


Jan 25, 2012 Pacific Coast News new in my-picturemaxx

Pacific Coast News

Pacific Coast News is a premier celebrity agency based in Los Angeles and London, the hot-beds of the global entertainment industry. With a team of photographers, videographers and journalists the agency offers pictures and features to all UK media buyers.


Jan 23, 2012 new in my-picturemaxx offers complete features and journalistic portraits including text and pictures referring to people, travel, panorama, way of life, culture, contemporary witness, interview, family, women's subjects, health, nutrition, animals and wildlife.


Jan 17, 2012 Archiv Zauritz new in my-picturemaxx

Archiv Zauritz

The works of the photographer and founder of Archive Zauritz, Frank Zauritz, are characterized by his own special passion to transform stories into images. So here you will find impressive pictures, fascinating portraits and surprising reports.


Jan 16, 2012 Image Source new in my-picturemaxx

Image Source

With high-production photography designed to meet commercial and editorial needs, the Image Source Royalty Free and Rights Managed collection is known for its ability to deliver images that cut through media noise and get your communications noticed.


Jan 12, 2012 Bilderschaft Medien new in my-picturemaxx

Bilderschaft Medien

Bilderschaft Medien GmbH offers you exclusive recipe pictures from "EatSmart," including step-by-step photos and text. Healthy eating is fun! On request, the team will be happy to create a complete package of images, text and a final edit for you.


Jan 11, 2012 new in my-picturemaxx

History comes alive with pictures from The Archive contains historical pictures of all former Eastern Bloc countries, like anniversaries, people, events and locations, highlighting the GDR and USSR.


Jan 10, 2012 InSight media new in my-picturemaxx

InSight media

InSight media is a Hamburg-based press agency that specializes in international entertainment. All customers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland can find them in i-picturemaxx. Professional advice, support and reliability are guaranteed at Insight Media.


Jan 03, 2012 Splash News expands presence in i-picturemaxx

Splash News

Splash’s market-leading offering of candid celebrity photography and extensive collection of exclusive portraiture, red carpet and archival entertainment content will now be made available to buyers in the English speaking market via i-picturemaxx.



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