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Munich, May 29, 2012
GAP Interiors

The photo agency GAP Interiors offer their collection of interior images to all media buyers in my-picturemaxx.

This is an inspiring collection of stunning images covering all aspects of home and interior design. The collection holds over 55,000 images from some of the best interior photographers worldwide, the coverage is extensive and is updated on a daily basis.

Alongside the single images there are over 1200 complete home stories with text. These real homes range from rustic country cottages to contemporary loft apartments, modern family homes, to traditional manor houses.

GAP Interiors sister collection specializing in Gardens and Plants has recently also launched with my-picturemaxx. The two collections are your ideal place in my-picturemaxx to find great images from inside and outside the home.

The company is based in England, but there are German speaking staff to deal with any queries or negotiations as needed. The team at GAP Interiors look forward to working with you.

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