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Munich, March 27, 2012

Transtock specializes in transportation stock photography.

The agency has an enormous collection of exquisite automotive stock photographs: from the latest model cars and concept cars to vintage, classic and even CGI car images. Transtock has every car, every angle - whether you need a perfect studio shot, a location photo or lifestyle image; interior or exterior of the automobile; or a close-up photo of any part of any vehicle.

In addition to car stock photography, Transtock also offers world-class, high-resolution, dynamic, professional stock photographs of every conceivable mode of transportation including other wheeled vehicles like trucks, motorcycles, dirt bikes, trains, tractors; floating transportation from cargo ships and cruise ships to sailboats, yachts and jet skis; flying machines from biplanes and classic aviation to modern piston aircraft, blimps and hot air balloons; and even organic transportation like horses and dog sleds.

Transtock also offers free research services. Call or email with your need.

Main topics:

  • Cars & other wheeled vehicles
  • Airplanes from all decades
  • Boats & other floating transportations
  • and Much More!
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