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Munich, February 29, 2012
Bildagentur von Stocki

Stocki is a photo agency that vividly interprets the federal politics of Germany through its imagery, which is now available in my-picturemaxx. At Stocki you will find significant portraits that straddle the thin line between peoples private and professional personalities. 

Angelika von Stocki, the agency s passionate photographer and artist, has garnered numerous photographic awards. In addition to Stocki s political photography, you can also find an impressive selection of art photographs by Angelika von Stocki in my-picturemaxx. Currently, not all of the amazing art photographs are available over my-picturemaxx, jet constantly new ones are uploaded. If you are interested, the agency will prepare the ones you need and supply you with them at first.

The agency also provides assignment work. Please contact Stocki s dedicated team to fulfill your custom order.

Main topics:

  • Germany Federal Politics
  • Berlin - Brandenburg Region
  • Art Photography
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