• Highly efficient and low-cost way to distribute media files
  • Alternative distribution channel providing customers and partners
  • Perfect organization of your Distribution up to complete automation

Otimized for FTP distributions of press agencies and stock agencies.

Your Advantages

  • All FTP distributions clearly arranged in one program
  • Comfortable working with templates up to complete automation
  • As many distributions as needed at the same time
  • Unique: comprehensive options to define exeptions 
  • Flexible setting fo media sizes
  • No initial costs
  • Full cost transparency by payment per transaction

Start now

  • picturemaxx BROADCAST

    integrated in picturemaxx BACKSTAGE
    as separate license 


picturemaxx BROADCAST is a web-based “Media Push Service” for the interactive transfer of data via FTP. The data is simultaneously distributed to as many FTP addresses as necessary. Adjustable media transfer rates influence the transfer speeds. This is based on the respective bandwidth chosen, together with the corresponding priority. This service is optional.

Spontaneously or at regular intervals - individually or in groups

picturemaxx BROADCAST A spontaneous broadcast which must be sent urgently to publishers can be triggered in seconds for rapidly updated events such as football results, pictures from the red carpet or important news. A single recipient, a group or multiple groups of recipients can be defined.
The many ways to automate regular broadcasts are of particular benefit. Any intervals can be defined - minutes, weeks or even yearly intervals.

No rule without an exception

picturemaxx BROADCAST Elaborate special broadcasts for "special cases"? Not necessary - picturemaxx BROADCAST makes it possible to define exception rules for one or more recipients within a broadcast, for example, based on individual folder names or instead of sending image data only metadata can be sent. In this way even "special cases" can be taken into account for group broadcasts.

A transparent business model, with billing based on consumption

picturemaxx BROADCAST Customers can choose between three performance levels: Basis, High Speed and Ultra High Speed - which combines data transfer speed and a high priority level. Customers are charged according to the volume of data transferred in megabytes (MB) per transaction for the respective performance level, which means that costs are only incurred if the service is used. All ongoing and completed broadcast are always easily accessible.


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