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Munich, April 19, 2011
Ex-Press Zürich

Ex-Press is a photo agency for pictures from everyday life in Switzerland. Their images are extraordinary because they reflect the ordinary.

At Ex-Press, you find contemporary author photography as well as elaborate portraits from industry, politics and society. In addition, there are topical photos from reports depicting Switzerland in an unadorned and honest way. Idyllic rural images as well as common urban motives. From the traditional cattle drive to the alpine pastures through to the meetings of big shots in the international environments of Zurich or Davos.

Selected professional photographers document people and moments with a focus on a national context and international relevance – in public and privately.

Major topics:
Reports from everyday life
Swiss landscapes and urban motives
Symbol pictures on social, societal and current topics
Portraits, interview pictures and visits of personalities form industry and politics, internationally renowned stars and celebrities and selected Swiss top athletes.

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