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Munich, October 27, 2010

ALL MEDICAL - the image library specialized in health and medical themes

Belonging to Your Photo Today, ALL MEDICAL represents a specialized image library featuring themes such as health, medicine and science. The idea behind the creation of this specialized image library is to help save time and effort and enable everyone searching for this kind of themes to have a quick access to such images. By concentrating a library on certain topics the search becomes much easier and more successful. Now you can also find these pictures in i-picturemaxx.

ALL MEDICAL offers editorial and documentary images on this topic as well as studio productions with models. Complete image galleries, featuring daily operation and work in clinics, medical practices, nursing and retirement homes, show treatment methods, therapies and healing in general. Natural healing means such as herbs, alternative methods, healthy food and diets are also an important part of this library as well as all kind of wellness and fitness techniques.

People of all age - seniors, the “best age”-ers, families, couples, children and babies, are all featured in different aspects of health, medicine and science photography. Incredible microphotography presents a completely new world and a new way of seeing the smallest connections and pathways of life.

The ALL MEDICAL-Team will be glad to assist you in your image search and can, upon your request, create for you an image selection for the topics that you need.

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