Dec 21, 2010 PhotoCuisine UK & US new in i-picturemaxx

PhotoCuisine UK

PhotoCuisine is one of the UK's leading sources of food and drink related imagery. PhotoCuisine's collection of over 150,000 images represents some of the world's finest food photographers. Now they are also in i-picturemaxx.


Dec 20, 2010 nordphoto new in i-picturemaxx


nordphoto GbR (nph) is one of the leading sports image agencies in Germany; quality and service are essential components of their service. Now you can find their work also in i-picturemaxx. With many partner agencies their service continues to extend globally.


Dec 16, 2010 BULLS PRESS - Mirrorpix new in i-picturemaxx

BULLS PRESS - Mirrorpix

Since 1952, BULLS PRESS has represented the Mirror Group in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The most current Mirrorpix material, with 60 million images, can be found under the BULLS PRESS Place in i-picturemaxx.


Dec 12, 2010 Schumann+Stingl new in i-picturemaxx


Schumann+Stingl is a photo plus text agency based in Berlin, Germany. Since 1995, the agency has been successfully engaged in photo and interview productions featuring national and international celebrities among them many renowned actors, musicians and singers.


Dec 09, 2010 Agence Angeli new in i-picturemaxx

Agence Angeli

Specializing in celebrities, the agency became well known worldwide for its famous paparazzi stories in the 70 s, 80 s and 90 s, as well as for its privileged access to famous events, such as the Cannes Film festival.


Dec 06, 2010 Broadimage new in i-picturemaxx


Broadimage Newswire is becoming one of the leading sources for celebrity and news photography. The agency delivers a real-time service to i-picturemaxx and ensures that editors can use the material and meet their deadlines.


Dec 02, 2010 Camera Press new in i-picturemaxx

Camera Press

Camera Press is one of the UK’s leading independent picture agencies and libraries, representing high-profile photographers and quality imagery. The digital archive of over 1.2 million images covers all key historical events up to the exclusives of today. 


Nov 29, 2010 fotogloria - LUZphoto new in i-picturemaxx


my-picturemaxx users based in Germany, Austria or Switzerland will find images from LUZphoto via a new entry named "fotogloria - LUZphoto" in the Places area in i-picturemaxx. The focus is on reportages from society, politics, travel and religion.


Nov 26, 2010 new in i-picturemaxx, the photo-databank of the photojournalist Bernhard Freisen from Berlin, Germany, is new in i-picturemaxx. The photos offer a wide variety of subjects and locations. Main topics are politics, economy and everyday life.


Nov 25, 2010 Studio X new in i-picturemaxx

Studio X

Studio X is back in i-picturemaxx! With a new profile, Studio X offers more images than ever before, including a wide new variety from several archives and image sources, exclusively for users from Germany.


Nov 23, 2010 fotogloria new in i-picturemaxx


fotogloria interprets itself as a connector between image creators and image-seekers - as an agent of photographers all over the world, as creative director, as picture desk. Now they are also represented in i-picturemaxx.


Nov 17, 2010 Press Association Images new in i-picturemaxx

Press Association Images

Press Association was established in 1868 and is one of the UK’s leading image libraries. The agency has collections of images from royalty, news, sport and entertainment to education, lifestyle, stock and creative imagery.


Nov 16, 2010 Michael Friedel Bildarchiv new in i-picturemaxx

Michael Friedel Bildarchiv

For over 50 years Michael Friedel has been taking photos on all five continents, mainly tourism, the islands between paradise and hell as well as the survival of the last tribes. Now he is represented in i-picturemaxx.


Nov 08, 2010 new in i-picturemaxx stock is the unique picture archive for illustrations about every subject and every style. Since 1989 represent illustrators in every styles and techniques with international standards. Now they are in i-picturemaxx.


Nov 05, 2010 rockinStars new in i-picturemaxx


rockinStars was established by the photographer Peter Palm; the agency creates high-quality studio and set photo productions with national and international artist from various backgrounds such as music, movie and television. Now also represented in i-picturemaxx.


Nov 03, 2010 IMAGNO new in i-picturemaxx


IMAGNO is the leading historical picture agency in Austria. Their objective is to make accessible archives of important photographers and well known collections and to offer them in superior quality digital image data in their image-database. Now also to find in i-picturemaxx.


Oct 28, 2010 Finance Module available in picturemaxx BACKSTAGE

picturemaxx BACKSTAGE

The range of services available in picturemaxx BACKSTAGE — our Web-based business portal for media — now includes full Finance functionality, including all the necessary features for financial business processes.


Oct 27, 2010 ALL MEDICAL - YOUR PHOTO TODAY new in i-picturemaxx


Belonging to Your Photo Today, ALL MEDICAL represents a specialized image library featuring themes such as health, medicine and science. The idea behind this library is to help save time searching for this kind of themes. Now also represented in i-picturemaxx.


Oct 25, 2010 fotoschlichter new in i-picturemaxx


fotoschlichter is a picture and press agency with many years of experience in the Saarland. Their constantly updated and revised image database is now represented in i-picturemaxx.


Oct 19, 2010 Finest Picture new in i-picturemaxx

Finest Picture

Established 2 years ago Finest Picture is not only a source of stock photography but also a source of ideas. Always top subjects in an inspirational way. Now you can find their fotos also in i-picturemaxx.


Oct 12, 2010 picturemaxx partners with AKAD Hochschulen

AKAD Hochschulen

picturemaxx has begun a long-term partnership with the renowned AKAD Hochschulen Colleges to offer dual Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses in Business Informatics and Business Management. Through extensive programs and scholarships, picturemaxx will invest in new talents.


Oct 07, 2010 Outdoor Archiv new in i-picturemaxx

Outdoor Archiv

"Adventure, wilderness, wanderlust", under this motto Outdoor Archive stand for authentic and natural imagery. Currently 60 international photographers are represented.


Sep 24, 2010 Flora Press Polska new in i-picturemaxx

Flora Press

From now on Polish media buyers in i-picturemaxx get full service and consulting by the Polish speaking Flora Press team. "Flora Press Dekoracje" and "Flora Press Ogrod" provide everything around decoration and gardening, as they say: „Much more than flowers!”


Sep 22, 2010 BULLS PRESS Polska new in i-picturemaxx


From now on BULLS PRESS offers consulting and service for all Polish media buyers by a sales team located in Warsaw. Main topics of BULLS PRESS are paparazzi pictures, latest news and events, celebrities, reporages, illustration.


Sep 08, 2010 Pressefoto Krudewig new in i-picturemaxx

Pressefoto Krudewig

Pressefoto Krudewig offers regional and national press photos and coverage since 25 years. Their focus is on modern visual language in combination with high quality pictures in order to correspond to the current standards.


Sep 06, 2010 Mirrorpix new in i-picturemaxx


A largely untapped resource, Mirrorpix is home to one of the world’s largest photo libraries with over 60 million images available for licensing.


Sep 01, 2010 INSTITUTE new in i-picturemaxx


INSTITUTE is an artist management company representing world-class creative artists/visual storytellers from the fields of photography and documentary film.


Aug 11, 2010 VII new in i-picturemaxx


VII has earned a reputation as one of the most dynamic and admired names in the world of photojournalism, responsible for creating and relaying to the world many of the images that define the turbulent opening years of the 21st century.


Jul 13, 2010 Now available within i-picturemaxx: WAZ FotoPool

WAZ FotoPool

As of today, i-picturemaxx extends it's portfolio with yet another highlight: WAZ FotoPool. WAZ-FotoPool, an affiliate of internationally renowned WAZ Media Group, is now available with a carefully selected range of high-class images from the Rhine-Ruhr Metropolis right to your fingertips.


Jul 07, 2010 Erdoedy Presse & PR new in i-picturemaxx

Erdoedy Presse & PR

Besides celebrity, people, and travel photography, a special selection of religious motives, especially celebrity graves can be found at the Munich picture agency Erdoedy Presse & PR - from now on also in i-picturemaxx.


Jun 15, 2010 medicalpicture new in i-picturemaxx


As a specialist in healthcare & medical imagery medicalpicture offers you a huge, constantly growing archive of high quality Rights Managed photography.


Jun 11, 2010 backup-images new in i-picturemaxx


New in i-picturemaxx is BACKUP-images, an independent picture agency founded in 2009. They offer rights managed images at high quality. Their customers are photo professionals such as art directors, art buyers, photo editors and researchers at magazines, advertising and public relation agencies.


Jun 08, 2010 Big Pictures new in i-picturemaxx


Processing thousands of images a day, with a photo archive of over 5 million celebrity images, you are sure to find exactly the right pictures to fit your needs. Big Pictures Lite is a new collection bringing you celebrity photos at lower price points - now in i-picturemaxx.


Jun 02, 2010 Keystone Schweiz new in i-picturemaxx


Specially selected collections from KEYSTONE, Switzerland's largest picture agency, are now available in i-picturemaxx; with their own unique visual language and a widely varied offering are: portraits, outdoor sporting activities, jazz, aerial images, history.


Jun 01, 2010 Originalbildservice new in i-picturemaxx

Originalbildservice neu in i-picturemaxx

Under the agency abbreviation "OBS", news aktuell circulates press photos to the media for companies, brands, associations and other institutions. Currently more than 75,000 PR-photos and information graphics covering all kinds of topics.


May 27, 2010 Menuez Archive Projects new in i-picturemaxx

Menuez Archive Projects

Menuez Archive Projects is a new collection featuring the work of award-winning documentary photographer Doug Menuez. For over 30 years, Menuez has been capturing extraordinary moments of everyday life, documenting the intimate, human connections we all share.


May 18, 2010 new in i-picturemaxx is a community of independent photographers who have watched and documented the political scene in Germany for many years - at first in Bonn and since 1999 in Berlin - now also in i-picturemaxx.


May 17, 2010 NOOR new in i-picturemaxx


New in i-picturemaxx is NOOR, an international photography agency combining the talents and perspectives of ten photographers hailing from seven countries. NOOR produces cutting edge, visually distinctive and up to date photographic reportage on news and culture.


May 11, 2010 AURA Fotoagentur new in i-picturemaxx

AURA Fotoagentur

AURA provides - nationally and internationally - a rich source for the press, publishers, art print and television. The pillars of the archive are its professionalism in subjects of everyday life, precious rarities such as the first Swiss coloured slides from 1950 or its art photography.


May 06, 2010 United Archives new in i-picturemaxx

United Archives

United Archives has taken over the images of kpa photo archive for marketing. United Archives is a group of photo archives focussing on Film, Culture, Art, History, Celebrities, Personalities.


May 05, 2010 Ikonic Photos new in i-picturemaxx

Ikonic Photos

Ikonic Photos come to the market aiming to bring unseen photographic collections to public view with a focus on Transport and particularly Motorsport.


May 04, 2010 DK Images new in i-picturemaxx

DK Images

DK Images is a Rights Managed collection sourced from books produced by the publisher Dorling Kindersley. Specialising in cut-out images on white backgrounds they have over 400,000 photos and illustrations covering subjects such as domestic pets, animals, natural history, flowers and gardening, food, health, human body and travel photography.


Apr 26, 2010 PYMCA new in i-picturemaxx


PYMCA  (Photographic, Youth, Music, Culture, Archive) is one of the world s premier research library specialising in global youth culture, lifestyle and music. The authenticity of the imagery is a true mirror of the cultures - now in i-picturemaxx.


Apr 23, 2010 new in i-picturemaxx

After a period of more than thirty years this name stands for professional experience in first class photojournalism. The principle: current events, thorough research, and a great data set - the assortment is small but powerful. A Passion for Photography - Emotive Imagery


Apr 20, 2010 Das Fotoarchiv. new in i-picturemaxx

Das Fotoarchiv.

Das Fotoarchiv. was founded in 1985 and has established a sound base in the international media over the past 25 years. Das Fotoarchiv. has built international partnerships with agencies like Black Star/New York, Xinhua/Peking and SVT-Bild/Stockholm.


Apr 16, 2010 Matthias Dittler joins the board of directors

Matthias Dittler

At the shareholders’ meeting of picturemaxx AG Matthias Dittler was elected a new member of the board. He holds a degree in computer science and is managing director of DILOG Consulting AG.


Apr 16, 2010 Scala Archives new in i-picturemaxx

Scala Archives

Founded over 50 years ago, Scala Archives has been covering every aspect of fine art, archaeology, master photography, architecture, design, history, ethnography, cinema, travel. Now in i-picturemaxx.


Apr 14, 2010 Garden World Images new in i-picturemaxx

Garden World Images

The well established Garden World Images is a world-renowned supplier of quality horticultural and botanical rights-managed images, from now on also in i-picturemaxx.


Apr 13, 2010 LUZphoto Agency new in i-picturemaxx

LUZphoto Agency

LUZphoto Agency is a newly-born Italian photo agency. It gathers the historical experience of Grazia Neri agency, offering a new home to photographers and representing the excellence in images in Italy and worldwide.


Apr 07, 2010 Zoonar new in i-picturemaxx


Founded in 2006, the Hamburg based picture Agency Zoonar offers photos in all price ranges. Zoonar is specialized in travel, people, animal and plant photos, as well as in cut-outs, illustrations and photos of architecture.


Mar 26, 2010 SIPA PRESS new in i-picturemaxx

Sipa Press

SIPA PRESS covers world news - from politics and conflicts to high society stories, from entertainment to economics - 365 days a year. Over 6,000 photos are distributed daily in 40 countries - from now on also via i-picturemaxx.


Mar 18, 2010 Redux Pictures new in i-picturemaxx

Redux Pictures

Redux Pictures, an independent commercial and editorial photo agency based in New York City with photographers located around the world from now on offer their images via the media network i-picturemaxx.


Mar 09, 2010 Flora Press Garten new in i-picturemaxx

Flora Press Garten

“Much more than flowers” is the slogan of the specialists of the beautiful sides of life - from now on with all topics around gardening in i-picturemaxx. Main topics: Decorating with flowers and plants, perfect preparation of celebrations and holidays und many more.


Mar 01, 2010 Polylooks new in i-picturemaxx


Polylooks is an online portal for buying and selling high quality stock photos and illustrations and is now available on i-picturemaxx. Based in Germany, Polylooks offers a wide range of images with European visual aesthetics.


Feb 24, 2010 Medical Art Service new in i-picturemaxx

Medical Art Service

MEDICAL ART SERVICE is a pictorial archive specifically dedicated to medicine and related subjects. New in i-picturemaxx one can find images from Musculoskeletalsystem, Nervous system, Organs of sense, Airways, Circulation, Digestive tract and many others topics.


Feb 17, 2010 Intense Look new in i-picturemaxx

Intense Look / Martin Eggert

Intense Look Photo agency is specialized in covering Live-events and photographical documentation. Founded by Martin Eggert, professional photographer/journalist since 1989, Intense Look combines professional experience and long lasting relations to a broad variety of top performing artists.


Feb 10, 2010 Britstock Images new in i-picturemaxx

Britstock Images

Britstock Images is a new and rapidly expanding UK-based agency supplying vibrant Royalty Free images with a distinctly UK / European feel. Key themes include: Industrial Processes, Manufacturing,  New Technology, Sport Still Life, Environmental Issues, Family and Social Issues.


Feb 05, 2010 ddp images new in i-picturemaxx

ddp images

All under one roof! Via i-picturemaxx you can find under ddp images one of the most comprehensive offers from the areas of Entertainment, Politics, Economy, Sports, Nobility, Lifestyle and Stock.


Jan 13, 2010 Aurora Photos new in i-picturemaxx

Aurora Photos

Aurora Photos from Portland (Maine) represents over 300 contributing photographers for photo features, editorial and commercial stock, assignments and multimedia.


Jan 12, 2010 McFit Pictures new in i-picturemaxx

McFit Pictures

McFit Pictures is the latest service provided by McFit, Germany’s largest fitness chain. These exceptional photo collections are produced regularly for their in-house media – and now you can access them exclusively via i-picturemaxx.


Jan 06, 2010 bilwissedition new in i-picturemaxx


bilwissedition, a German stock image publisher for historical digital images, is from now on available via the media network i-picturemaxx. They offer a variety of topics from the German and European history, from the Stone Age to the 20th century.



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