picturemaxx BACKSTAGE combines all applications into an “all-in-one” solution that increases efficiency and flexibility across the entire company.

As the company portal, picturemaxx BACKSTAGE acts as a hub for processes, tasks and information as well as as for design and administration of a website.

Media Input

  • photographers, editors, reporters
  • webdesigners, freelancers, partners
  • user generated content, partners

  • via homepages, websites
  • via www, FTP, satellite, interfaces
  • via media network i-picturemaxx

  • pictures, movies, audio, text...
  • layouts, designs, templates

Media Output

  • newspapers, magazines, syndications
  • homepages, websites
  • e-commerce, personalized services
  • mobile services
  • media network i-picturemaxx

  • via www, FTP, satellite, interfaces

  • pictures, video, audio, texts...

Media Management / Media Database

  • dynamic content production
  • building blocks with content
  • cross-media templates
  • role-based workflows
  • individual rights management
  • profile management
  • planing and control
  • media-neutral storing

Concurrent User Model

The use of the „Concurrent User" license model means that an unlimited number of users can implement picturemaxx BACKSTAGE and that the number of possible parallel accesses is controlled by the number of licenses. picturemaxx BACKSTAGE Concurrent User offers access to all functional areas.

BACKSTAGE Webgate - E-Commerce and Content Management System

picturemaxx BACKSTAGE Webgate   As a completely integrated module, picturemaxx BACKSTAGE Webgate encompasses an Internet presence ranging from the company website to a comprehensive E-commerce platform. Digital media content can be offered through a freely defined Internet (www) domain. The design and appearance of the Internet pages are flexibly configurable. The integrated Content-Management-System allows for the creation, publishing and servicing of editable websites in the simplest manner by means of flexible templates.
picturemaxx BACKSTAGE Webgate can be prepared for multiple websites.

BACKSTAGE Archive - Media Production and Archiving

picturemaxx BACKSTAGE Archive   picturemaxx BACKSTAGE Archive is a database solution, specifically developed for the archiving and administration of media data. Particular characteristic traits are its high speeds due to the special picturemaxx search technology, as well as its high degree of application stability. Media data be processed and archived in virtually unlimited quantities.

BACKSTAGE Opengate - Interface Solution for Connecting with Partners

picturemaxx BACKSTAGE Opengate   picturemaxx BACKSTAGE Opengate enables media suppliers to easily connect to international alliances and common platforms, as well as to time-limited cooperations, without duplicating media data compilation. The module comprises a fully integrated communication and distribution solution, on which basis the various databases, file-systems and research programs can be interconnected with each other.


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