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picturemaxx provides applications "as a Service". Software or services are delivered in real-time via the Internet and charged according to customer usage.

  • Subscription on a monthly basis
  • picturemaxx BACKSTAGE, picturemaxx BROADCAST, i-picturemaxx as a Service

The picturemaxx philosophy - Saas & SOA

The picturemaxx Software as a Service (SaaS) concept refers to software for end users (also called "software rental" or "software subscription") and also the technical infrastructure for the necessary server solutions such as hardware, computer and memory provision, networking, system management, monitoring and, depending on the product in question, it can also include database functionality, access control, workflow management and much much more.

The flexibility of picturemaxx software can be traced back to our solid adherence to SOA principles. The service-oriented architecture (SOA) nature of the applications makes it possible to provide individual services which are not tightly coupled to each other, and which can be recombined in novel ways to provide highly tailored software to users.

Your Advantages

  • Low initial investment and substantial overall cost reduction
  • High scalability through tailored, flexible options
  • Permanent access to the "most up-to-date" software
  • Rapid extension of functionality according to specific requirements
  • Any number of users, multi-level access
  • No upper-limit in terms of technical resources (as opposed to most hosting models)

All-in-one - Concentrate on your core business

picturemaxx as a Service: All-in-One   Server hardware, installation, updates, maintenance, technical infrastructure, monitoring - everything is already included. Let picturemaxx do the tricky technical work, rather than increasing the level of staff in your IT department. Concentrate on your business.

Low entry costs, absolute cost transparency and predictability in terms of cost

picturemaxx as a Service: cost transparency For example picturemaxx BACKSTAGE: The enterprise portal can be at your disposal for a once-off setup fee plus a fixed, monthly fee. You have full control of your costs and can plan ahead with certainty.

Take no risks and stay up to date

picturemaxx as a Service: Security   In picturemaxx' modern data centers, high-performance hardware, high availability network connections and comprehensive security architectures are the standard. They always use with the latest software.

Reach your goal faster

picturemaxx as a Service: efficiency   You want a test system to try out? Just ask us. Or just get started now. The short implementation time and rapid migration will not disappoint you. picturemaxx systems scale fast and can be adapted later to suit specific needs.


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