It is not the size of a company that it makes the difference; it is strength and success!

At picturemaxx in particular, strength and success are based on efficient processes that lead to the right decisions being made and thus a highly effective organization. The effectiveness of the organization is based on an honest exchange of information, an ongoing learning process and the transformation of knowledge into results.

With our particular organizational structure and processes, we rely to a greater or lesser extent on the ability of our employees to coordinate and make decisions amongst themselves and on a high degree of autonomy for the departments and entities that have been carefully put together. Instead of an organization that controls and monitors, from the start we have been created an organization based on learning and trust. This means including our customers and partners in our organization.

Customers and partners expect ever-better quality and service, more and more flexibility and services, ever-faster reaction times and all of this must cost less and less.

Using teamwork that goes beyond job descriptions we constantly try to achieve all these goals in a truly customer orientated way. To reach these goals we concentrate on continuously improving our factor productivity when we are creating our organizational processes. The factor productivity defined for our particular company gives us a way of telling which part of an increase in performance is not caused by an increase in the use of performance-related resources.

The main features of our organization and process structure are elasticity and communication; they form the basis for correct and appropriate reactions to different types of events and help to prevent restrictive overly-complicated organizational structures.

All departments and entities are given a great deal of room to manoeuvre when making decisions and can communicate horizontally as well as vertically to be able to proactively engage and react in a fast and flexible way in different situations. To achieve this we hire, train and promote a certain "type" of employee who can act and communicate with our company's goals at heart in an autonomous, responsible and dutiful manner.


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